Preparation; Jul ’13

July 2nd – I completed the inventory of the kit and the few items on back order that arrived today. I now have everything needed to build the Sonex, with the exception of the engine and avionics. First order of business is to get everything stored safely. Some items will stay in their packing boxes; cowlings, fuel tank, control surface stock and canopy. The spars, control rods and some long stock are on a wall rack while the wheels, wheel fairings, engine mounts and various other stuff is on shelving. I am going to build a 10′ x 4′ bench from the pallet and some extra timber; a lot of the unfinished parts will be stored in boxes under this bench.

July 4th & 5th – I picked up a load of timber on the way home from work and with the material from the packing case built a new, large workbench.

July 7th – I covered the bench with a sheet of MDF to provide a smooth surface and drilled holes in the legs to put lag bolts in for leveling. I now have the sturdy, level bench I wanted to start work on the fuselage.


Before I began the component preparation though, I wanted to organize the drawings, the stack is 1/2 ” thick!  I cut the binding off the plan set, separated the sheets into the component categories and stored them in cardboard mailing tubes. Now I’m in business, let the games commence!