Preparing Parts

Nov 30th – The kit consists of many preformed and predrilled parts which all need cleaning up and finishing to a greater or lesser degree.


Dec 3rd – After 5  hours of work, I have one finished component and a pile of prepared parts and can cross off the first box on the build tree.

Dec 5th – Next stage is preparing the elevator skins which are cut from a 48″ long piece of preformed Aluminum. As this is something I haven’t done before I marked up a practice cut before marking and cutting the finished piece. Definitely a case of measure five or six times, cut once!

Dec 6th – Cutting the second skin progressed much quicker leaving time for more parts preparation.

Dec 9th – More preparation and cleaning up results in another box crossed off.  Another session or two and it will be time to start making some more finished components.

Dec 11th – Finished preparing everything for the horizontal tail, time to start putting things together!