Ribs: January ’18 – November ’18

Feb 1st – All of the forward and aft ribs are provided in the kit which saves an enormous amount of work. Before I start hanging them on the spars though, there are a couple of ribs that need working on; the first task is to make up and mount the aileron bellcrank assemblies. These have some bushings that fit into the aluminum angles and the holes in one pair are a little undersize.

I used a step drill to enlarge the holes but, and I’m not sure why, the holes ended up too big and I’m not happy with the sloppy fit. Another order in to Sonex for some replacements and next I’ll use a reamer.

Step drill; not precise enough for me.

With the replacement parts, I reamed the holes in the angle pieces, built up the bellcrank assemblies and attached them to the ribs.

March 3rd – Work on the ribs continues. The first five ribs on each wing are strengthened with gussets and then need to be notched to clear the main spar. I took advantage of some slow time at work to make the gussets.

Getting paid to make Sonex parts. Score.

I am slowly getting the gussets attached and the respective notching done. After I had finished a couple, I clecoed them to the spar for an idea of how things will look.

There are twelve ribs on each wing, with a forward and aft section to each rib. Lots of work but not much to post in the way of progress. Stay tuned.

November 14th – Well, the grass has stopped growing so it must be build season again! I have been tickling away at the ribs throughout the summer and have all of the gussets finished. Before I get started on the wings proper though, I wanted someone to cast a critical eye over what I’ve done so far. Through the EAA, I contacted a Technical Counselor, and Eric took time out of his busy schedule to come take a look. I got the thumbs up, so it’s time to crack on.

I’m going to start with the right wing, so I cleared the bench, put clean paper down, and will get going!

Ready for some wing building!